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Hi! Was wondering which size did you get for you baby at around 16 weeks old for huggies platinum diapers. My girl currently is about 6.8-7kg and her sizing is between S & M size ?

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Super Mum

My daughter was 5+ kg at that age, so she was on NB size 😅😅 For your girl, S to M sounds about right. Heh. The important thing is to get it snug so there’s no leak at the thigh region/back, but not too tight.

3y ago

Heh. Huggies Platinum and Huggies Gold have very different cuttings. The former is better for babies with chubbier thighs and the latter is better for more petite babies.. so I use Gold which is perfect. Haha.. but I think for your little girl, as long as you secure the thigh area well, Platinum will be nice and comfortable for her. It’s really soft too:)