Pregnant again after 3 months Post Partum

Just want to know if it is safe if i found out i am pregnant again after 3 months post partum. It would be glad if any mummies can share with me their similar experience.

Pregnant again after 3 months Post Partum
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Hi sorry, hows your pregnancy now? I assume youre 7 month plus now? All ok? I am 3 months post partum and I think I mite be pregnant?? Alil worried.

3y ago

Hi mummy, first of all congrats if you're really pregnant. My pregnancy is at 23 weeks now. So far check up doctor never say anything and all is fine. Doctor never mention anything risky. My pregnancy was smooth and I can continue with my daily routine as usual. Just that a bit hard if need to carry my no.1 as she is getting heavier by day 😂

My friend got pregnant after 6 months of delivery. she went through successful pregnancy with her doctor's assistance

My wife was pregnant 6 months postpartum and was fine except on bed rest for a month.