How long did you wait for your BTO?

Comment below how many months or years you've waited for your home ?

How long did you wait for your BTO?
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Applied in May 2017, still waiting. Probably next year or the following year then can get keys. And I’m 20 weeks pregnant. Yikes... 💸💸

2.5 yrs Applied in 2010, got key in April 2013. Back then it mentioned completion date 2015. 👍🏼

2.5 years.. Flat is now sold as the location is too far from PIL & we need help with our kids..

4 years, maybe nxt year get keys. Apply on 2017. Im 18 weeks pregnant now.

6 years!!! Applied 2012, got keys in 2018. Longest in BTO history I bet!

2y ago

Woah was it a big project

Apply from 2017.. now waiting for HDB for key collection..

Applied on 2016.. still waiting for project to complete..

Tbh, applied 5 times. Gave up and bought a resale.

We didnt cuz we bought a private apartment

Applied in 2015. Still waiting for key.