All about bakuna

Vaccinated Peeps, Alert! VaxCertPH serves as the country's vaccine certificate system under the Department of Health (DOH) and DICT. It aims to represent the certificate holder's vaccination status. Currently, the system covers only fully vaccinated individuals. It is free and can be accessed through the VaxCertPH portal, while the Vaccination Card is given to an individual after the vaccine is done administering by a health care professional for record purposes and proper documention of the vaccine. . . Get you Vaccine certificate here 👉 Avoid posting your VaxCert to public to ensure your data privacy. Join us on Team Bakunanay Facebook page at @theasianparent_ph @vipparentsph #TeamBakunanay #VaccineWorkforall #ProudtobeaBakunanay #HealthierPhilippines #AllboutBakuna

All about bakuna
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got my vax cert too