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Is UV Sterilizer a need?

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Super Mum

No, it’s not a need. There’s the good ol’ boiling in hot water method or steam steriliser as well. All 3 methods can sterilise effectively. Their prices are v different though. Added benefit of UV steriliser is heat drying, which is very convenient, as well as the ability to sterilise other things like toys, etc. What you can’t use the UV steriliser for is latex/rubber, so you need compatible bottle teats.

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Not necessary but good to have. After washing and drying, can put inside until next feeding, so it’s more hygienic. Also, steam type can be harmful for plastics if the temperature is too high, I think.

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It is a good to have. Conventional steam sterilisers work fine, but uv ones offer more convenience as bottles come out dry and they can also be used for toys and other personal items

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It has multiple functions like drying. Many parents still go by heat sterilizing, and for myself, I’m using a steam sterilizer.

I personally like a UV Sterilizer, because it can be used to sterilize toys and such! :)

Super Mum

No. I have been using steam sterilizer all the while and so far so good. :)

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No. I stopped using sterilizer since my bb was 2 mths old. Heh.

Yes, it will save u a lot of time and effort.

Super Mum

More expensive than steam steriliser

UV damages plastic in the long run.