Clogged Ducts, Milk totally not coming out!!

Tried many ways but milk just not coming out, urgent help please! 😭

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electric pump will help alot. go for a very warm shower and pump right after. I use spectra S1 massage mode and keep massage towards your nipple as you pump. start massage lightly and slowly massage harder as your boob gets softer. i took 2 sessions to clear the engorgement

Keep latching baby, pump or hand massage it. Lactation cookies or tea too. If not, try lactation postnatal massage where they can help clear clogged ducts. A lactation consultant can help too if self help methods don’t work. Try Dr Mythili Pandi :)

you have milk blister? you can try hakaa with warm water and epsom salt for 15 mins then soak the nipple in cotton ball with olive oil. i frequently have clugged ducts and this works for me. i also use lavie breast massager before pumping out milk

I use warm towel/bath and it did help. Also use hand express and massage before you pump or latch. I heard if you put a spoonful or two of epsom salt with warm water and soak it inside the haakaa pump it’ll help.

I had very serious clogged ducts at one point and my s1 couldnt extract anyting out. Then my hb found schonemama and i went 😂 helped alot!

Ask baby for help. If baby latch it will clear like miracle. Else warm compress for many pumps and sunflower lecithin helps.

Massage, sunflower lecithin, seek help from certified IBCLC, soaking your nipples in Epsom salt using Haakaa..

Hello all. sadly tried everything but my milk just not coming out, even if baby latch.

2mo ago

tried, but failed leh. 😔