My toddler's weight is stagnant at 10kg for the last 12 months, any suggestions that can bring up her weight? She is drinking well (240ml each feed) and eating well during meal times but her weight just doesn't increase.

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Not too sure how old your toddler is but you can refer to this World Health Organisation chart to see if your daughter is in the healthy weight range. Generally, if your child is eating well, consistently and there is nothing amiss about her health and behavior, she is most likely fine even with a stagnant weight. My nephew (3 years now) was the same weight for a year plus and suddenly after enrolling in daycare, his weight increased by quite a bit. His mom attributed it to the types of food and snacks he is exposed to at the daycare. Plus he is more active now too.

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You can check her weight against the baby book. If it us still within the normal curve and she has not lost weight too dramatically, then she is fine. And as you said that she is eating well and I assume that she is well and active. So I don't think there is any cause for alarm.


Dun get overly worried. She will suddenly have another growth spurt and will gain weight in the process. Just make sure that she has the vitamins and fed well.