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Hi, today i tried to increase my 3 months plus baby milk intake from 90ml to 120ml. However she vomitted quite a lot. Do i still continue giving her 120ml or back to 90ml?

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Hi mummy.. tbh dnt really follow the milk intake graph when ur baby is growing. For mine i dont really pushed my newborn to finish up the whole 120ml. I gradually slowly follow his lead instead. Always remember they have such delicate immune system at this age. So lets say if he whines for more milk i will add up like 30ml extra. As long it totals up to 120ml. Another way i learn from my mum is to give him an hour diff. Example the 1st hour u start with 60ml. If ur baby fall asleep, u need to be prepared for another 60ml in another hour. So apparently i divided 120ml in few hours. Babies tend to show different kinds of ways when drinking milk.. now my newborn is still taking around 120-150ml but he will always stops when around 100ml intake and wants me to burb him first THEN he will continue the rest until he fall asleep. So whatever it is take it gradually, dont force them. If they cant finish it, then stop.

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Only increase if baby is finishing her milk v fast or seems hungrier than usual, meaning asking for milk more frequently than before. If she vomits alot, u may need to burp her more often. Tt happened to my boy before. Or she has tummy issues, u may want to try changing her formula if she's on formula. But if on breastmilk, cld be the burping issue.

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Hi mummy, i did increase by 15ml, and if baby pulls away from the btl, i remove as it shows he is full. I only started increasing if baby still cries after finishing hi btl or constantly crying for feed early like 1 -1.5 hr instead of 2-3 hourly

my baby was taking 90-110ml EBM at 3 months, growth was good.120ml might be too much for your baby you can reduce it until baby is ready for more 😊if still hungry after feed baby will usually cry for more

Have to increase gradually. PD instruction is to increase 5ml by 5ml… 5ml May seem to be very little for us adults, but it’s a lot for them as their gastric is still very small.

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I feel u should back to 90ml, because vomit seem to be tummy not able to take it, like my girl who have colic, we have to reduce the ml but hv more frequency.

why did your baby vomit? you fed too much or milk not suitable /she doesn't like the milk?

30ml increase is alot. Try feeding 100ml and monitor...