Feeling nauseous at week 12

Hello there mummies, I have been experiencing nauseous since week 6 of my pregnancy. I'm now at my week 12, gynae said by this time it should be starting to ease. But I'm feeling much worse than before. This is my first pregnancy and i wanna know any mummies also exp nauseous on their way through 2nd trimester and how to deal w it? Thanks!

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Me too! I'm currently 12 weeks+ pregnant, and having really bad nausea. Mine started during week 6, and was pretty mild.... Just a little blechy in the day, the nausea and lost of appetite comes only in the evening so I was just skipping dinner. But come 11 weeks it worsen to 24/7. Even at night when I'm lying in bed and trying to sleep I can feel the vomit bubbling non stop at the base of my throat (sorry, tmi). Gynae first prescribed me diclectin at week 8 and then asked me to try metoclopramide when I went back for help at 11 weeks. Taking them both separately didn't do anything. Wondering if I can take them together? Any mummies tried stacking the two meds before? Is it safe?

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2mo ago

I totally feel your pain! I'm diagnosed with hyperemesis and combined them with green light from gynae. Although she recommended only combining both for max 5 days at a time. It makes me super super drowsy though and the relief is short-lived but at least I can keep down some fluids for those few days and get a break from keep having to go in to get IV drips.

I am currently at week 14 and still experiencing nausea since week 8. I realised it helps a bit when I take my nausea pill much earlier (hours before I usually feel like vomiting). Taking once in the morning and once in the afternoon helps to suppress it for the rest of the day. Also, if my blood sugar is low it triggers my nausea so I try to eat small meals throughout the day instead of full meals. I hope it will ease by week 16…

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yes.. I shared my symptoms with my gynae.. she said some people has morning sickness till week 16.. hopefully it's better by then.. for me, I drink lots of water and stay away what triggers it. I usually bring along my orange skin (like sour things) and medicated oil wherever I go. cos Im not sure what triggers me. it can be a smell of a bus or even a smell of someone cooking something.. hope things go well for you mummies

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Yes. My morning sickness was till week 18.But thankfully the anti nausea med helped! Try to see if you can take small bites to ease off the nausea. Try not to eat too much even when you’re hungry. I heard of some people nausea till they give birth. I’m sure you’ll be okay

2mo ago

Mine started at wk 6, and only comes at night. But it worsen to become 24/7 at mid 11 weeks. Diclectin didn't really work. Also tried metoclopramide, didn't work. Now I'm taking them both.

I can totally feel you.. me too do feel nauseous even at week 14. I try to take the medication prescribed by my gynae. and drink 100 plus as normal water intake will cause me to puke. plus keep snacking make me feel better.

Yes. I was having morning sickness all the way till mid of my third trimester. Nothing helps. Not even anti nauseous medication. I just come to terms with it 😅

2mo ago

Yea, that didn’t work for me too 😅

request nauseous pill from doc. avoid fried food / spicy or something u feel disgusting. and get lots of rest + lots of water.

I went thru all my trimesters. There should be medicine for it. Can ask u r gyane

Im in week 15 still experiencing morning sickness and nothing helps😭😭

I had nausea and vomitting everyday since week 6 until I gave birth 😢