Does anyone feels cold very often during their pregnancy? Is this normal?

Are there any food that I can take to warm up my body?

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yes i feel cold during my 1st tri!! only start to feel normal from 2nd tri onwards. although ppl usually feel hot when pregnant, but not for me 🤣 so dont worry. i also not sure issit becoz of low blood count which im taking iron supplement from 2nd tri so i felt better

1st tri felt cold often but aft tt always felt so hot. at night I had to lower my aircon to 22 degrees but I still felt hot in sleeveless top and shorts while hubby was tucked in the blanket

Yes I’ve been feeling cold easily during my first trimester. I just keep drinking warm water. No air con and lower/off the fan since weather been cold recently.

Cud it be the recent weather too? Tho i did keep feeling cold during first trim. eat lots of warm soup n drink

Yes, I'm in my first trimester now have cold hands and leg always. And sometimes feeling very hot.

Me too! It’s like always alternating between too warm or too cold, in split seconds.

not sure