Are there any eye exercises that i can teach my child to curb his myopia?

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hmm.. have been reading up on this and there seemed to be little scientific evidence to back the effectiveness of eye exercises. Atropine eye drops and Other-K seemed to be better options to consider. And also, cultivating good eye care habits (from: would likely help slow down to progress of myopia: - Hold any reading material 30 cm away from the face/eyes, and try to read while sitting upright rather than lying down - When watching television, the television must be approximately 2-metres away - Computer screens should be approximately 50 cm away from the eyes and adjusted to minimize glare - Lighting should be sufficient to illuminate the room when reading, using the computer or watching television, but not cause any glare - Encourage your child to take a break to rest the eyes every 30 to 40 minutes of reading or watching television; look out the window at far away objects and do eye exercises to relax the eyes - Encourage children to spend more time outdoors.

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