Hi, is there any essential oil which is edible ? And also is essential oil safe for us to add into the bathing water for baby? I also heard that essential oil helps to let baby sleep well and breathe well , is it true ?

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Hi there, I would advise against giving babies and children essential oils orally. Certain essential oils could be toxic if ingested. You can add essential oils to bath water but make sure the oils sre diluted beforehand else you run the risk of causing irritation to the skin. Keep oils away from a child’s face especially around the nose. Safer to massage the feet of young babies rather than the chest and back, just in case of interaction. Yes, some oils can calm and help baby sleep. For example, lavender essential oil can be diffused in baby's room for a short while to help baby sleep.

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2y ago

What about tea tree oil for easing irritation of skin like bites?