GBS positive

Tested GBS positive. Anyone else did natural birth while having this? Read mixed reports - antibiotic shouldn’t be taken before labour? Doc will jus put the GBS Med into IV drip? How is baby after natural delivery? Any side effect? What can I expect? Anything to note? Idk why suddenly tested positive for this, so guilty and worried for my newborn 😭😭#advicepls

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me too, strep B positive, my doctor say before delivery will give me IV antibiotic to help prevent baby for infection. the iv antibiotic need to be given 4hrs before baby out. I am now 38+4, so still waiting.

1y ago

Thank you! Wishing you smooth delivery too!

yes i was GBS positive and had natural birth. No side effect and no issue one. Don’t worry so much

1y ago

no it won’t recover like that. it doesn’t affect delivery or baby, just be sure to receive the antibiotics when you are in delivery suite