Is there enough support for children's mental health in Singapore?

No, there's not enough awareness or help to support kids' mental health
Yes, there's enough support in schools and at home
No such thing! Kids are too young to have mental health problems
I have no idea what mental health in children means

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We need more support for parents who mange kids with mental health issues.

More awareness is needed

Yes.. especially in this era when kids are pretty vulnerable

School counsellors is not enough...

A lot more can be done to support children, especially since it can be quite stressful

There are quite a few programs regarding mental health that are rolled out in schools

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There should be more awareness with regards this. Nowadays, even young kids get stress/depressed. This is worrisome

There isn't enough support to identify and manage stress in kids. Also a lot more effort needs to be put in to identify mental/learning disorders, which is not the current scenario.

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Not enough awaS

Definitely more could be done