When does baby hold own milk bottle?

Hi supermoms! My baby is turning 10months and still refuse to hold his own milk bottle. When does your little one start holding the bottle on their own? #firstbaby

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LO going 17 month. Started holding water bottle well at 9 month old refuse to hold milk bottle till 14 month. Realised that they are not lazy. Just that they are not ready. Now i’m miss feeding her. Please cherish the time feeding them. Once they mastered it they no longer want u to feed. 🥲

Depending on individual baby.. My firstborn held her own bottle suddenly at 6 days old, holding better when she grows.. While my friend baby born around same time refuses to hold as I was told she’s just lazy 😅

Mine at 12 months and still refuse to hold her milk bottle. she's able to walk at 9 months and hold her water bottle but still prefer me to hold her milk bottle.

It depends on the baby themselves. My baby……… is just lazy lol. Holds straw bottles well just don’t want to hold her bottle. She’s 12.5 months 😂

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Ya 😂 My grandma was like: babies who walks slow or don’t want to hold their bottles very good life. 😂 We’re just slaves.

8 months 😂 infantcare trained. My SIL LO is 12 months but still not holding bottle coz lazy too.

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Mine started at 3 months plus.. his turning 4 month this sat..

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I used bottle handle grip for my 9 mth old lazy princess 😹


4-5 months

4months +

1year old