Suggestions for newborn diapers

Any suggestions for good newborn diapers ? I am a first time mom so looking for good recommendations #firsttimemom #firstbaby

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I just discharged from TMC, and they used Huggies Nature Made NB. I am now using Drypers Wee Wee Dry NB (cos Huggies finish already). I observe Huggies cutting a bit bigger than Drypers. Both have wet indicators, which I really like. Personally, I requested different diaper samples from different brands, and they are often more than willing to provide you with a few samples. Use them to try, which works for your NB bum.

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Suggestion is get whatever sample diapers available to try or buy in small packs first. Your baby will let you know their preference. I tried many brands before my first finally settled on one.

personally like Huggies Naturemade and still using it for my LO. But u should collect a few different samples to try as they are all different cutting and texture.

Collect all the samples available :) tried a few different brands but Merries most suitable for my LO

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same, I used many brands' samples. eventually bought Merries.

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Huggies nature made! love this and most hospitals in SG is using this as well

For NB you can try Merriers or Huggies Nature Made/Platinum.

Huggies nature made and rascal & friends

Merries or Offspring

huggies nature made!