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Hi soon to be mommies, how’s your current relationship with your partners. Im still unmarried and im feeling very insecure with my pregnancy. Im afraid that im going to have to go through an abortion/ raising up the child on my own. My partner and i already decided to get married this year before the pregnancy. After the pregnancy everything seems to be too real for him, he seems to be distant and having a cold feet. Everything seems to go downhill after i got pregnant, which is not a good thing. Im not even sure if i should stay with this him, or leave him for good. Im scared for abortion and i also dont want to raise the baby alone. It is really a shit position, has anyone been through this? #advicepls #pleasehelp

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Hello, You are not alone. Im 8 weeks when I realise my boyfriend was irresponsible and too immature to be a father. So I dump him. But instead of stepping up and proving himself, he decided to gaslight and guilt trip me daily into taking him back. It got so bad that I totally don’t want him in me and baby life at all. My mood is already wonky during first trimester and I barely slept 2-3 hours a day. End up breaking down and crying so much. It was so hard. But pregnancy for me was a blessing in disguise. It helped me open up my eyes to realise that this man is not the right one. I have made up my mind to go through this pregnancy without him and raise baby as a single mother. Because I am also pro life and want what is best for baby. How many weeks are you now? Don’t put yourself through abortion if you are not ready for it. Think twice, because a lot of woman went for abortion and it haunt them mentally for the rest of their lives. You don’t have to raise baby alone, seek help from family and hang around friends who are supportive. After the s*** I’ve been through, I realise that you don’t need a man to be happy. Love yourself and baby first.

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Hi mummy to be, I’m 11 weeks pregnant and I’m unmarried too. My partner says he will journey with me through the pregnancy and co-parent the child with me but he doesn’t want to get married. I’ve been feeling insecure about this as well but have learned to accept that it’s no point stressing over something out of my control. I am happy I have the baby because I’m already 35 turning 36 and I’ve always wanted a child so I will treasure and love this child regardless of what people think of my situation as an unmarried mother. Stay strong my dear!

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