Some people believe that children should be exposed to normal food to build their immunity system. How can we as educators / parents promote the importance of taking organic products and to convince others that the price that we pay is worthwhile for the holistic development of a child?

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I think it is difficult because it is just more expensive and does not have concrete clear cut science of its benefits - some yes, some not substantial evidence. It's actually quite build upon the biology idea of pesticides and other harmful stuff being passed on along the food chain to the last consumer who will accumulate the most "toxins". However, it is an idea and hard to really trace. I think what u can do for a start is to educate about the dirty 12 list and that it will seem more worthwhile to buy organic for those that are on the list - which will be a good start Do be careful not to fall prey to the term "organic" because some are just marketing gimmicks and does not meet the 95% organic minimum. That said, pls also know no international standard for organic - which may still have some low quantities of allowed pesticides/insecticides/fertilizer

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It is very difficult to convince people (especially folks from our parents generation) to choose organic products as it is just not wallet friendly. Such things are sooo expensive in Singapore! I try to do so by planting little seeds in their heads, so that they will at least consider choosing food from a cleaner source... I tell my parents and in-laws that the farm land and seas are not as clean as before. Farm lands are over-cultivated and not fertile so need much more dependency on fertilizers. Same as the seas.. the waters are much more polluted and the larger fishes have more mercury in them. Maybe you could try this as a small start too?

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