Reject frozen milk

Hi mummy , I tried to mixed frozen bm 30ml with fresh bm 100ml. But my baby still don’t like and have been trying for almost a month already. Anyone also have same experience with me.

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Try thawing frozen bm in the fridge first and chill the fresh one at the same temp. BM from different pumping sessions can only be mixed at the same temperature otherwise taste changes and risk of bacteria too. Frozen bm when thawed may have diff taste too due to high lipase. Check out this link:

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did you freeze immediately after pumping out ? you can try 20ml and 80ml first slowly add.

11mo ago

there's some mummy use to heat up first before freezing and it works you might want to try?

Does baby drink fm with out mixing bm?

11mo ago

Yes, he did. I also latch him at night.