Pregnancy 17 days!!

Found out pregnant on 31 Dec 20. I accidentally had a half boiled egg yesterday and I’m taking folic acid every day. Would there be any damages for my baby. #pregnancy #advicepls

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They also say, during the first Trimester, the fetus ain't eating what you eat yet. So it's fine. But don't take raw or not fully cooked food anymore.

I think I am worse than u. LOL 😝 I went drinking with my GFs the week before Christmas. Cos I tot my period was coming due to some mild cramps, so just heck care lah! Just drink and had fun! We sat on the high chair (I was on high heels and tight jeans some more.) Then I tested positive on xmas day! (2 days late for my expected period day). Just like 5 days apart of my drinking but my gynae said it’s ok. Just quit drinking from now on. 🤣

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It is fine. Recommended to avoid in case got contamination.

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Congrats to you!! Should be fine since it was just one off case. The day before I confirmed my pregnancy, I was squatting to clean carpets n doing spring cleaning standing on kitchen top as part of some festival cleaning. Elders say you should not squat completely during your first trimester, also you should avoid heights to avoid any falling. But I did both. I think as long as you don't know you don't worry. May be then your more safe 😀

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Ah, I see...

Whats the big deal? I ate salmon sashimi every mth until i gave birth 🤣

Don’t worry. Just be careful in future since you know you’re pregnant. I had beer and sashimi and found out I was pregnant 8 days later (around 4 weeks preg), and baby is doing & growing well, giving birth in 9 weeks.

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It’ll be fine! Don’t worry!

Don't worry baby will be fine. I was a smoker and an avid coffee drinker. I missed my menses for 2 weeks but everytime it was a negative until the 14th day it showed a positive and I immediately stopped smoking and drinking coffee. 33 weeks currently.

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Don’t worry. It should be ok since you are not eating half boiled eggs every day.