By what age did your baby regularly sleep for at least 5 hours straight?

By 3 months
By 6 months
By 9 months
By 1 year
Other / hasn't happened yet

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By 3 months my baby sleep at 7pm and she woke up 1am or 2am then ill began too breastfeed her and she will sleep again. Her waking up time is 6am

All 5 kids didn't give me a hard time sleeping :) My 5th baby - born 5th March 2017 sleeps throughout the night since she was born. I am blessed, lucky and in disbelief. But really thankful for this.

3months old... She sleeps at 9pm and wake up at 4am..😊

3y ago

Struggling with same issue!

When she was 2mos

when shes 2mos she can sleep for more than 8hrs straight..

4y ago

What did u do? I wish my LO can sleep more than 4 hours

seems like it's not gonna happen lol

Usually arnd 1yo above it gets better


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Night slp

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around 2 months!