Any one knows what's the effects of GDM on fetus? Bsl hovering around 6-8mmol/L.. abit worried

Side effects of GDM on fetus

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I was diagnosed with GDM. HbA1C turns out normal. Baseline was around your levels too, in the 36 weeks baby was only at 2.4kg? Baby came out at 3.5kg. Either baby too big or small. Can’t be induce earlier than 39 weeks. Gynae mention, can’t induce the baby too early for fear baby may be hypoglycaemia.

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2mo ago

Because I requested to be induce early. Instead of riding it on and waiting for baby to come out naturally, I requested at 38 weeks. He mentions baby organs may not fully develop and may risk developing low sugar. When baby is out, she was put on a 3 hourly sugar check too. Just to ensure she has no issues regulating her sugar. Womb no. Once baby out of the womb then yes.

I say depends on how well you are controlling your diet during pregnancy. I also had GDM n my average was about 5-6 with occasional spikes. Baby gal came out at 2.9kg despite doctor estimating her at 3.2kg during routine check up.

my baby was on smaller side and weighs 2.6kg. everything was okay with baby. i had normal delivery and was induced at 39 weeks. i was in labour for 28 hours and almost needed to do c section but i dilates really fast at the end.

Baby could be on bigger side or smaller side (it depends). What is bsl? Dont worry i had spikes in my prev preg but baby is ok. Even now i do have spikes here n there. Does ur doc do hba1c for u to monitor?

3mo ago

My first one was okay. Small after i stopped eating rice. This 2nd pregnancy i eat so much carbs zzz. My hba1c is actually on the higher side (5.1,5.2) but still ok. Depends on ur doc whether they will ask u prick daily n every meal anot too

Big baby most likely…. Have to do c section. I have GDM and my baby weighs 3.9kg when he was born. I have to do c section as baby did not turn at 38 weeks. 😂

Gdm baby most likely will be on the bigger side