How big is week 5 or 6 Fetus size consider normal?

Able to share what's your baby week 5 or week 6 fetus size? Gynae said that baby growth is one week late. Is this normal? Feeling anxious and worried. #1stimemom #advicepls #firstbaby #pregnancy

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my first scan was at 5w6d, crl measuring 0.29cm which is normal. The CRL is the longest length of the embryo or fetus measurable excluding the limbs and yolk sac. The gestational sac is the large cavity of fluid surrounding the embryo. maybe u have a longer ovulation period so the growth could be one week late? is this your first ultrasound scan?

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10mo ago

I had brown spotting too, forgot for how long, maybe a week or so but it was due to implantation. around week 5 I think. went to gynae and she said will go away after awhile and didn't prescribe me w any medicine. you should be fine as long as the spotting is not fresh blood and menses like and have no severe cramping. don't stress out too much!! wishing u all the best for your 2nd appt!! jiayou

I’m not sure whether it’s the same thing, but on my Week7 my CRL was 10.0mm & Week 9 it was 25.4mm. Currently in my Week 37.

Gyane said 3mm for my 6week old. She says normal though