I'm 24week pregnant and only gain 2kg. Is it normal? + i was diagnose with low placenta. 🥲

Should i be concern?

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if your baby is growing well then there is nothing to be concern about for your weight gain. for low placenta wise I believe your gynae had brief you to avoid sex and carrying heavy object. basically nothing you can do. I had low placenta too and it moved up by wk 32. and I had natural birth.

i technically haven’t gained back the weight that i lost during first trimester and now i’m back to vomiting again. at wk 28, baby weighing 1.2kg and low placenta. but gynae didn’t say anything. he mentioned that there’s nth to worry about the placenta, it will move up.

Hi mama! I gained 2kg up till my 22nd week too and only gained 6.5kg so far but my baby is 2.5kg at 33 weeks. So long as baby is growing well, your blood tests are clear and gynae hasn’t said anything, u are fine ❤️

dont be too worried if gynae didnt mention any concern on baby's growth. I'm 23 weeks now with low placenta too, nothing we can do to make it move up. just dont carry heavy stuff and avoid any penetration in vagina

2mo ago

yes, that what he advise. bt i have a toddler 2years quite hard not to carry him when he cranky.🥲

Am 27+ weeks & have low placenta. If doc didn't say anything about baby weight then it's ok, don't worry. Am also waiting for my placenta to move up, will know in next week scan.