Covid vaccination

Saw news that age 12-39 can book for the vaccination on Friday. But I am planning to have baby no. 2. Should i take first or later? Or is it safe to have n plan for baby no.2?? #advicepls #pleasehelp

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I’m in the same situation as you. And I’m planning to take vaccine first. Anyway , pregnant ladies can take vaccine, so why not?

11mo ago

ok I have registered alr 🤭

You can take the vaccine first if you really want to and delay awhile more for your family planning. It’s up to you.

my doctor said whats the rush to get vaccine there s not alot of research. so i would be taking after i conceive

Super Mum

Take first. If you conceive, you would want to be protected beforehand right?

i had my vaccine, and conveived 1 month later!


Better take first before you conceive


think can take first to get protected