Is it safe to get tattoo while breastfeeding?

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Breastfeeding women with tattoos is not prohibited from doing so. Even if they're on your breasts, tattoos do not increase your breastfeeding risks. As the tattoo ink is sealed under your first layer of skin, the baby cannot come into contact with it. It is unlikely that the tattoo ink will enter your milk supply. For More Detailed Information, Contact:- Niloy Das - Tattoo Artist

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Though it’s probably impossible for the ink to make its way into your breast milk, the risk of infection is real and looms larger when you’re breastfeeding. Some infections can be passed to your baby, and infections require treatment that might not be breastfeeding compatible.


Getting a tattoo is not the safest thing to do during breastfeeding. Better wait till you are done breastfeeding before you do it

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There's a risk of getting an infection, and most tattooist will not tattoo a breastfeeding mother. Best to wait ya(:

Better to avoid since it involves skin contact and chemicals which may not be safe for the baby

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Hi... it is not advisable as it might disrupt Qi or blood flow

Hi, I would suggest wait till the breastfeeding is over

If you want a tatto, check this

No idea. But I thk better dont

Wouldn’t advise it..