Right now, at the moment, are you falling out of love with your spouse?
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Yes, I'm struggling to hold on
No, I love my spouse deeply

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My husband is my best friend... We were bff before and yet we are husband and wife... Im not saying that he is the right and the perfect man but he did a lot of kindness to me and my family . He gave me everything I needed and never failed to fulfil my needs and the most important thing is he loves our daughters and me unconditionally. Im grateful to have him in my life... Thank u Lord.

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speeking about love, yes dahil nga being committed and loyal to him is the result of being in love, eventhough sometimes we feel lonely, but its normal and nothing to doubt.. love is not about on feeling but About the commitment u have promise at the front of the altar and the witnesses of other people..

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There are times that I feel betrayed and not loved. But quarrel is a part of a couple's marriage journey. No matter what happens, we must stick together and solve our problems together.

4y ago

truth. i feel the samee!

Alhamdulillah this year on 2 November is our 21st wedding anniversary. by age 41 now, we both getting pregnant again. baby number 5 , we are so happy and 😍 😍 feel so lucky

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I caught him cheating on me while he is onboard.. It makes me hard to trust him again..to the point na parang wla na qng pgmmhl at respeto sa kanya.. Malungkot mafall out of love sa spouse

3y ago

cool mom....should u give him second chance?

I love him dearly but struggling with his idea that his parents are always right. Isn't marriage a journey of up and down that we both have to learn to overcome together?

5y ago

Your right. Just look at the bright side, maybe his parents were just trying to help you. I know its irritating sometimes, but thats what most parents do. 😔

Dono hw to even choose from these two. Cant really say struggling to hold on, neither loving as deeply as during courtship. More of responsibilities and kinship now.

i've been giving him all i had and stay loyal even being cheated, downgraded, insulted in the way only he knows but now i'm feeling that i had enough...

sana may third option. "am really struggling at the moment but i love my husband and kids so i'm holding on"

yes, And im struggling to hold on.. think my childrens future.At the same time i love my spouse deeply. ..