Any review of star learners at Tanjong Pagar?

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I don't know anyone who has enrolled their child at the branch in Tanjong Pagar but I've heard good things about the Star Learners brand in general. Star Learners work on a multi-faceted approach which engages different children with different talents and different learning styles. They even have a great charity mindset, having set up the "Castle on a Cloud" fund, for children from single parent households.

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My child is not in that branch but i would say the current branch she is in, i have no complains at all :) She's happy and enjoying herself. Teachers are generally all approachable and friendly. I guess Star Learners in general has pretty good comments. Hope this helps!

One of the mummies here mentioned that she has a friend whose child in this branch, and she only have good things to say about it: Go down for a visit to have a feel for yourself. :)

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Even I have heard only good reviews about star learners in general. Not too sure about the Tanjong Pagar branch.