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Hello! Any recommendations for baby monitors in the market that are not overly expensive? I have been shortlisting but they always have the extremely and extremely horrible reviews and it’s just so hard to decide 😣

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I suggest getting non wifi baby monitor as I have heard people hacking into those wifi ones that connects to your phone. I bought this monitor 4 years ago for about $90 and it still functions. Except now the battery does die fast hence have to keep connected to power. Good thing is you can monitor your baby all the time while still using your phone. I saw similar ones like hello baby that looks alright too and about $90. Seen some selling on carousell.

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3mo ago

Check out 'VIDEO BABY MONITOR 2.4G WIRELESS WITH 3.2 INCHES LCD 2 WAY AUDIO TALK NIGHT VISION SURVEILLANCE SECURITY CAMERA BABYSITTER', available at S$92 on #Carousell Exactly like this monitor in the link. Sorry the image posted seems blurry

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I kinda skipped monitors and just used a xiaomi camera. It seems to work ok to monitor baby waking up from nap and clear enough to see their chest breathing motions. I just display on ipad or hp. But if ure asking for sleeping away from baby in a different room at night then i guess not sorry

Someone blessed me their Vava baby monitor, very good. After it stopped working, I bought Vtech camera, still works and suits my needs. I prefer baby monitor as no need wifi, once switch on can use. If you move to sleep other places or travel can use.

I just use normal cctv that can access phone thru app. Called airbot

I used Avent