Teenage daughter and lingerie.

Recently, my teenage daughter has started to walk around the house wearing just a camisole and boyshort panty. One day, she came home from shopping with a bag of sexy lingerie. When I asked her why did she buy them, she said she will only wear them to sleep. Should I be concerned? There are no male siblings in the house. And if there’s really a male sibling at home, how would things be different? Also, is it ok for a mother to be wearing sexy lingerie to bed after having children? Pls advise.

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If there is no male in the house then I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm a mother of 2 and I still go to bed wearing lingerie.

2y ago

But what kind of message is a mother giving to her daughter by wearing sexy lingerie to bed? Also, regarding the child wearing only a camisole and boyshorts while walking around the house, will my daughter think it’s ok to do that just because I approve of it?

whether there's male sibling in the house, I think we as a mother have responsibility to tell our kids what is right to do