How to give excuse before week 12?

Random question but I usually exercise very often with friends but found out I'm expecting. How to keep giving excuses until week 12?! 😂#advicepls

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it's not really a pantang thing, the 3 months rule is really in place to prevent any awkwardness as the risk is still quite high in first trimester. you can just say it's not convenient for you, if they ask more out of concern, it's OK to just say there's nothing to worry about but if all goes well you can share with them later. it's fine if they get it, it's fine if they don't.

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If they are close friends, i would say not convenient to say until 12 weeks later and they will get the drift without u telling them explicitly and u can also ask them to hush for u until later. If not v close friends, i would just come up with some excuse and dun really care if they buy the story or not

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Same here! I exercise quite often. So my excuse was cos i was injured 🙊 but back then i also really had an hand injury hahaha

Super Mum

Injured your back during exercise, menses, feeling sick, not enough sleep, work commitments, family event…

1y ago

hahah thought of but pretty sure they'll get it 😂


just say that you're not feeling well 😬