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#pregnancy #advicepls #pleasehelp Hello All, I am about 14-15 weeks pregnant but I am unable gain weight. I was told to eat avocado and materna milk. But I don’t see any difference in me. I do see a small bump but my weight is about the same range from the start of pregnancy. Is this normal? Able to advice how to gain weight? I probably only gain 200-300g and then dropped. Initially had morning sickness but now not much of vomiting so is it still fine to not gain weight ?

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Yes Avocado and milk helps :) Durians helps too 😉 ( I had durians on my 2nd trim ) Maybe you can try. If youve blender at hm , you can do homemade Avocado milk shake, banana milk shake etc , spread Peanut butter and bread , meat , Fatty fish (like salmon), eggs , cheese , ( don’t forget vegetables too ) etc and u can snacks in between. U will see difference on 2nd trim onwards. Every bump is different, don’t stress 😇 My SIL is very petite , she had a small bump when she was preggy 😁 If you are worry, you can talk to gynae, ask for a list how to gain weight. If your gynae noticed u been putting too much weight by then she will ask u to stop eating alot lol. Is also ok if u don’t put much weight thruout whole preg. As long baby is growing well ;) I put on abt 8-9kg during my 10m pregnancy , I just eat normal 2-3 meals. I don’t eat snacks much or eat supper. But occasionally I had sweet desserts n durians etc On 3rd trim it shoot up a little fast for me , I stopped eating durians . 😅

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Thank you