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#pregnancy #advicepls #pleasehelp Hello All, I am about 14-15 weeks pregnant but I am unable gain weight. I was told to eat avocado and materna milk. But I don’t see any difference in me. I do see a small bump but my weight is about the same range from the start of pregnancy. Is this normal? Able to advice how to gain weight? I probably only gain 200-300g and then dropped. Initially had morning sickness but now not much of vomiting so is it still fine to not gain weight ?

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Initially i wasnt putting on weight around week 16. So gynae told me to eat durian and etc to put on weight n was also on hl due to fluid issues. At week 20 onwards i was detected for high lvl of sugar n had to control the diet. No rice/beehoon for me and eventually lost the 2 plus kg. Gynae didnt raise any concern when i remained the same weight at wk 24 n 28 thou. I suppose its ok? Haha

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