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Pls introduce your best stretch marks serum. Currently 3mths preggy

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Hi! First time mum here and currently 30 weeks preg. The stretch marks on my tummy haven’t appeared till date but recently saw some minor ones on the boobs area. I’ve been using different stretch mark creams & oils so far since my first trimester, here are my reviews: Bio Oil - Affordable but can get a little too oily if over applied. Clarins Tonic Treatment Oil - Abit on the pricier side but it smells like spa haha heavenly & relaxing. Not too oily as well. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Cream - Slightly sticky texture and doesn’t really reduces itch. Probably rate it 7/10. Biolane Stretch Mark Cream - Rich & creamy texture so a little goes a long way, the skin does feel moisturised after application. I’d prefer using this when it comes to relieving itch. Clarins Stretch Mark Cream - Light and non sticky, settles into the skin very quickly. Among all the creams, I love this absorption rate the most. However, it is on the pricier side. Do also note that stretch marks could also be genetic and every mum’s body is different! ☺️ As you progress thru your pregnancy, you’ll tend to feel itchiness due to the skin stretch so apply generously especially during night time! Hope this helps ❤️

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hello, I’ve been using Clarins. I bought the pregnancy set from their website and came with some discount and free gifts. I like the smell and how it’s not too greasy after applying.

Bio oil and Clarins. Honestly I think bio oil is good enough, affordable and works well. apply religiously twice a day. Managed to get away with zero stretch marks on my tummy!

week 30+ now, have been using Palmer Cocoa Butter (tried 1 big bottle of bio oil too). love this best because most moisturizing for me and helps with stopping my itch best.


Week 25 now, I’m using Burt’s bees mama. I like it

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I'm 7th months now. have been using mama's choice

Clarins is the best so far

mama choice is the best