Spectra S1 Breast Pump Confusion

Please help. FTM here. I bought the Spectra S1 pump and the standard flange that comes with it (24mm) does not fit my nipple. Im currently 30 weeks pregnant and obviously i have not started out pumping. My current nipple size when i measure today is 1cm so 10mm. What flange size should i look for? Im so confused and overwhelmed with everything that’s out there. #firstbaby #pregnancy #advicepls

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Nipple size likely to increase slightly as milk production ramps up at the start but also likely to decrease after milk supply stabilises after a few months. So I’m going to measure just before due date, and order a size based on that. Then measure again when the milk comes in. 10mm sounds small- might not be correct? Pumpables website says 17mm is most common. Suggest printing out a nipple measurement tool online to measure. Great that you realise the 24mm is too big. I didn’t realise my 24mm was too big for my first child and would likely have had better yield if I did!

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Would also suggest to measure after you’ve given birth. In the first few days, you’ll likely to be latching, which gives you ample time to get the correct flange size. I got mine from Shopee. If you need the link: https://shopee.sg/product/8051258/851344280?smtt=0.30516520-1653655267.9 Delivery is very fast, I got the flange the next day. :)

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Buy the right size flange after you have given birth, as your nipples will be enlarged post birth. Yes the LC will be of help if your hospital has such service. I gave birth in Thomson and the LC will come around my ward for free to advise us for 1 hour

Hi, for flange size, best is to measure after you give birth as the nipple size will change by then. There should be a LC that can measure for you after birth :)