Pregnancy breakouts

People talk alot of pregnancy glow but I’m approaching week 16 and all i have is pregnancy breakouts 😭 pimples spurs like crazy. Any tips?

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It's normal. This is due to hormones changes and unfortunately, won't go away until you have given birth (happens to me during my 3rd preg). You can ask your gynae to prescribe some cream for it though so that the acne won't get inflammed. Try to do facial (basic ones and inform them you are preg so that they don't use harmful ingredients) once a while to unblock the pores. Drink lots of water and do not apply any oily creams (use water based preg friendly products). Ultimately, keep up your spirit (as the old saying goes: your bb is "stealing your beauty", thats why the mother loses the glow) =)

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Normal. It's the pregnancy hormones that causes the breakouts. Use pregnancy friendly face wash like Cetaphil. I had a lil tiny breakout in my 2nd trimester but been using that wash since early pregnancy. It has a moisturiser in it too so face feels softer. So far the product works for my skin. I don't put on other skincare products. Just wash my face twice a day and also do face scrub 2-3 times a week. Be careful on facial products too especially for breakouts. Some contains ingredients that are not suitable for pregnant women like salycylic acid.

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My breakout started in week 9.. turn out to be very bad by week 12.. like acne. Gyne told me is hormones change and not to worry. My previous skin care all not able to use as it didn’t help much so I change a new set of skin care. I use Clarins.. n it did help quite a fair bit. Still having acne but not so bad as the past. Of cos everyone keep telling me is a boy that’s why I’m breaking out. Lol.

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I have heard elders say if pregnant with girl child the expectant mummies will have a pregnancy glow. In my case I had this glow for first few weeks. Then later on I felt like I have even lost my pre-pregnancy glow. I don't have breakouts or acne. But my complexion became darker and face skin became a little rough at areas. And yes I am having a boy.

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Me too! When I was in my pregnancy journey, my pimple outbreak is so horrible, before pregnancy my facial totally smooth and not outbreak at all. Just increase your washing face routine, and don’t apply any skincare. If you feel face oily/itchy just go and wash your face

My breakout was bad during my first trimester! I’m at the 14th week now and it’s clearing! I used Derma365 and bought products from Kiehls to help me throughout as I have sensitive and dry skin.

It is normal, but you don't have to wear any skincare or anything because it might affect your baby.. It will be gone soon.. Pssst~ they said, if you having breakouts.. Your baby might be a boy, good luck mommy 💕

2y ago

I heard of that too! We shall see during gender’s scan in a few weeks time:)

I had breakouts in my first trimester and I used fancl products (no preservatives). It helped to clear my skin!


I had very sensitive and bad conditions even facial monthlydon't help much. I put on facial mask daily it helps

Curious to know if you're having a boy or girl! I'm Week 14, no breakouts (phew), expecting a baby girl :)

2y ago

Will check for baby’s gender in my week 19! Haha lucky you!