High BP and Protein in urine

Hi Parents, may I ask if anyone had high BP and protein in urine during their pregnancy? I’m in my 1st trimester (coming 11 weeks) and doc prescribed me with high BP and aspirin medication. I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia post-delivery for my firstborn. I’m worried because whatever I eat becomes baby’s food which means all the medication will be ingested by baby, poor thing. 😣 Anyone has ever tried home remedies to manage your BP and protein in urine? #pleasehelp #advicepls

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had the same thing as you but it didnt affect my baby at all..in fact it did help i didnt get pre e for no.2 and 3. just continue to eat healthy..

5mo ago

uhhh not really. i had GD so i mostly concentrated on that..i had to control my diet