Short Naps in yaolan at home & IFC

Hello parents! My baby is turning 5 month-young. His naps in (auto) Yaolan has been 30-45min sharp since turning 4month old. We thought it was normal during this phase until we realize he can sleep more on myself after he falls sick from IFC after a few days. Went to IFC and had short naps there too. Needs to be carried and pat by teachers. Anyone can share how to tackle such? Clingy since birth also. Needs to be carried and that’s why we got an auto yaolan after that. TIA! Please help the FTM! 🥲

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Super Mum

Hi mama, This can be challenging but to be honest, baby may need more assurance and therefore more physical contact with you which is why he may be asking for it :) have you tried baby wearing whenever you’re with him? It might be tiring for now but it will stop eventually and when it does it’s a bitter sweet moment for most mums. My boys were ‘clingy’ too but lots of skin to skin and physical contact (e.g. hugs, sleeping with them, etc) helped :) it gives them the assurance that youll always be there for them :)

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2y ago

Hello! Thank you so much for your reply. I also tell myself giving my baby hugs doesn’t harm much. But later when I consoled myself with such, then I read that mummies should spoilt kids with such and let them sleep by themselves with self-soothe method or even crying. I tried once for the crying then he will go into hysterical-cry and I stopped since then. My personal opinion is I dislike baby crying this much and afraid may affect the neurological growth and later hoarse voice or even end up with coughs after big cry. I agree with the enjoy the clingy moments than later when he grows up he will not need that anymore 🥲.