our 6 weeks old has lots of reflux / spitting mouthfuls after most feeds. frequent feeds, burping, holding upright after feed didn't seem to be effective. Our pediatrician has prescribed Omeprazole. Looking for some first hand feedback from mothers on reflux and this med.

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My boy has the same issue when he was below 3 months old. We tried all the above mentioned except oral medication as I prefer not to give baby oral medication and also tried applying Ruyi oil on his belly. All didn't work. Our pd told us that it's very common for baby to have reflux and it is generally okay if baby continues to gain weight and if he/she spit out less than 50% of the milk after every feed. Reflux is a temporary problem that usually gets better as your baby's digestive system matures. When my boy was about 3 months old, his reflux just disappeared by itself.

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Found some accounts online from parents with babies prescribed with Omeprazole. This article talks about how the medicine didn't work and her children reacted rather negatively to it. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2246075/Reflux-Why-doctors-giving-babies-heartburn-pills-meant-adults.html On the other hand, this parent shared how her son's reflux improved after taking Omeprazole: http://www.livingwithreflux.org/our-reflux-baby-experience-seeing/

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