Storing breast milk

Only recently I managed to have a small stash in my fridge. Should I start to freeze or should I pump less? Frozen milk is not as good, that’s why I’m not very keen on freezing. But freezing is good for emergency I suppose

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Is your baby able to finish what you pump within 48hours? If yes then you can store in fridge. Otherwise placed in the freezer. Though some vitamins will be gone but there are still some left in the breastmilk. See the website for the guidelines of storing breastmilk. This may help you to decide on whether you want to freeze it away. My recommendation - unless you are planning to wean off, otherwise don’t cut down your pumping session. Firstly it may cause engorgement if you cut down abruptly. Secondly it will affect the milk production. As you cut down your pump, your body will sense it and it will send signal to your body that since you don’t need so much milk so I will cut the production down. For my case cause my baby girl has milk rejection at some point of time I just maintain my pumping session and freeze the milk away. She’s growing up well and meeting all the milestones having drank frozen milk for more than 6 months.

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