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Now my 4 month not every 3 hrs wake up for a milk at night. Only wake up when she cry. Is it normal?

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some baby sleep through the night as young as 2 month old. follow your baby's cue but keep your supply enough you have to pump if she sleep through the night

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some babies can sleep through the night (3-4 hours stretch of sleep) since young. if her diaper output is ok then it's alright

11mo ago

2-3 has urine but not much every 3 hrs change

Mine started to sleep through at 3 months plus ( 6- 8hrs stretch). Now he’s at 6 months 9kg : )

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Follow your baby's cues (:

Yeap. just follow baby's cue

11mo ago

How about newborn? She sleep more then 3 hrs and doesn’t seem to be hungry.