No period after 4 months of giving birth

Is it normal to not have my period after gave birth 4 mths ago? And i am fully breastfeeding no mix.#advicepls #pleasehelp #worryingmom #BreatfedBabies

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I heard if you're breastfeeding it's normal for you to skip at least 6months of period after giving birth .. 🤭cause the milk is from blood . and it's just hormone changing .. no worries

totally normal, I'm 8mth postpartum fully breastfeeding and period have yet to resume

It’s normal .. my first born took me like a year before my first period 😅

5mo ago

oh boy haha ok ty mummy!

I fully latch on demand and enjoyed 18 months period free. haha

5mo ago

woww! so when it comes , it comes all out for sure ya mummy!

I only got period back after 6 months