Dizziness and faint

Is it normal to feel dizziness and faint even though you walk a short distance under the hot sun(our climate). Its been concerning coz I am 17 weeks plus. I feel exhausted just walking 5 minutes n feel like fainting despite drinking lots of water.

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Super Mum

The weather is really terrible lately so try to be mindful, the symptoms are common I think but could be dangerous if you faint or fall down. Avoid walking in the sun as much as you can or always have someone to walk with you. Take a break or sit down whenever you can. Im in late pregnancy now, really cannot take the hot sun for even 5 minutes 😞.

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3y ago

yes very true. the weather is super bad. thanks for the advise.

Do check with your gynae if you have low blood or low iron.

3y ago

thanks for the advise