Baby drinks less than half amount when sick

Is it normal for baby to drink less when theyre sick? Especially with ulcer (due to hfmd). 6 months old used to dirnk 150ml but now only 40-60ml

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It’s normal, do monitor baby’s daily milk intake and diaper output though. My baby got hfmd with ulcer when she was 4 months old, she had to be warded and on drip as she couldn’t drink milk at all and not peeing for 12 hours and was drowsy. Guideline from hospital is daily milk intake must be at least half of the usual amount to prevent dehydration. Take care baby and mummy!

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1mo ago

If his daily usual intake is 600-700+ but now only 400-500+ should be ok right ? Altho pee abit lesser like only 4-5 diaper

Of course. When you’re sick, you also don’t feel like eating much right


it does happen... hope ur bb gets well soon!

its normal.