Is it normal for a 5 month old to poo average 6 times a day? Previously LO poo average 3 times a day but this past week the frequency increased. Should I be worried?

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Hi is your LO's poo very watery? Did you feel your baby anything new or change his milk? My gal went through a phase like this when she was teething. She even poos in her sleep! I have heard that teething causes mild diarrheal too so I wasn't that concerned at that time because she was still behaving normally, eating well and still have wet diapers which shows she is hydrated. Let your baby have bit more water during this period.

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5y ago

I'm fully breastfeeding hence don't think it could be due to milk. I didn't eat anything new except for some raw salmon. Was thinking if it could be the cause but it's been a week. Wet diapers still ok n behaving normal as usual too.

Adding on to the above post, you may want to wash and air dry LO bum instead of using wipes and put diaper cream just to avoid nappy rash