Any nice confinement food catering for recommendations?

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Yup, Natal Essential is one popular choice. Two others that I've heard good reviews of are RichFood and Chilli Padi. RichFood Chilli Padi For all three, dishes were tasty (no MSG used) and comes in good portion. Still, I would say that everyone's preference for taste is different. Probably good to order a trial meal to see if both the taste and the service is to your liking. :)

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Natal Essentials is a popular choice and they deliver straight to your doorstep. Not only are the dishes catered for a new mother's needs, it is also low in MSG, oil and other additives that are not necessarily good for the boy. If you are not sure about committing to a whole month's worth of food just yet, there is an option of ordering a one-off trial and if you like it, you can continue subsequently.

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I second natal essential as well. Heard lots of raves about it. Never tried though as i made my own confinement food. If you have someone to help you maybe can make your own confinement food as well.

Don't order from Kim Kitchen 'Yang Sheng Meals' coz the food is terrible; soup tasteless, chicken dish mostly no meat all bones and vegetables not remove the side like sweet peas

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Hi... you might find this article informative

I have recommendations for confinement soup and bath for 30days which i personally find it very good..

Sizzling Dyyana serves mostly organic confinement food. You can view her on Eryna Insyirah on FB.

Chilli Padi ok but the menu repeat after two weeks if you opt for 20days.

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Natal essential has stop operating already if I'm not wrong. Do check with them

Natal essentials is a good choice