Body rash from balm

Hi all, need some help here. We got our son Inara Organic balms as recommended by friends. We only used it for 3-5 days and suddenly our son had a bad outbreak in the picture. What should we do now? #advicepls #pleasehelp #1stimemom #firstbaby

Body rash from balm
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The best way is to see doctor for this scenario, nobody on the Internet can give u medical advice. It might be due to this balm but also depends on alot other factors like have u fed baby differently as well? Or u r still bf-ing n u possibly had ate some high allergen food or had intro different solids to baby, which baby can have allergy to. Or had changed the FM. Some products r not suitable for babies. Anyway babies can be v sensitive, even to dust. U can ask Pd to do prick test if u suspect of allergy.

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