Kid hates eating cakes

My son hates cakes! I know while this may be a good thing if parents are concerned about sugar intake for their kid, I would like him to enjoy an occasional birthday cake (at his OWN party and at his friends'). Right now, we have to force him to take a tiny bite out of his own birthday cake :( #nosugar #nocake #birthday

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Hi there, could it be that he does not like a particular flavour. My friend's baby hates (yes hates) chocolate (omg!). He literally scrunches his face in disdain when fed some chocolate. Alternatively, maybe the spongey texture of the cake is not your son's cup of tea either. Maybe you can try a mild cheesecake, an ice cream cake or a graham cracker crust pie with his favourite fillings?

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Try some alternatives? Like a jello cake, or large fruit tart, or giant cookie, or a donut tower instead? Or he can help you bake and decorate the cake, then maybe he'll feel more excited to eat it :)

@shrutika, he loves chocolate! M&Ms being his favourite. I should try a donut cake @dew. He would love that! @sumati, ice-cream cake sounds good too. Yay, thanks ladies.

I also saw some amazing cakes made with M&M's, you might want to gove them a try so that he starts eating some cake as well :)

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Oh wow @shrutika - that cake looks sinful (and amazing)! Thanks for the ideas all!

does he eat other kinds of sweets like cookies or M&Ms or is it for every sweet ?

This is so cute! Maybe you can get a cake with cartoon characters that he likes.

Donut cake sounds yummy! And yeah ice cream cake is a good option too :)

Lol what a problem to have ;) try an ice-cream cake instead?