My husband and I keep doing same things. We are looking for thing to do on date night. Any recommendation?

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Perhaps you and your husband can enjoy date night at an Escape Room -- they are really popular in Singapore now. Basically you and your husband (and friends if you want) book a session for a stipulated duration of time and get "locked" in a mystery room. In that hour or so, you guys solve puzzle and crack codes in order to play out scenarios like an apocalypse, a bank heist etc. I've done a couple of these escape rooms with my fiance and they are really fun! A lot of teamwork, patience, thinking and lots of laughter. Here are some places you can go to for the escape room experience:

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Why not try stargazing? Grab some good food and wine and go on a camping--watch those stars and constellations together and yes, wait for that shooting star! It's another romantic activity that can also be a form of relaxation. Besides, it's always therapeutic to be in touch with nature. Bonus: You can also drive somewhere in the outskirt of town at night. Light some sparklers or rocket fireworks! You can also check this link which suggests different activities that you can try:

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I assume that you are looking for activities to do in Singapore. If you're looking for something more interesting, why not go for a date at Singapore's Night Safari? Right now, Singapore's Night Safari has a promotion where tickets are being sold 50% off from 11-31 March 2016 for local residents. I'm sure you'll get to re-live those moments when you and your husband were dating.

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I call this the "Secret Agent, Secret Love" Step 1) Buy your husband and yourself a pre-paid card. But save each other's numbers in your phones first....BUT UNDER A SECRET NAME. Step 2) Book a hotel room for your husband. And tell him to sleep there the night before. Make him wear a suit and all that. Step 3) Use the new number and try to set up a meet up with him. Meet him at a mutual decided location and act like strangers. Step 4) ROLE-PLAY AND HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND. BOOM.

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Here are some activities I've shortlisted to try myself: Mini golf: 18-hole game, price: $19.20/adult Operating hours: Mondays – Closed (except Public Holidays) Tuesdays to Sundays and Public Holidays - 10.00am to 8.00pm (last game commences at 7.00pm) Drive-in movie Refer to website for updated venues and screening details. :) Salsa class haha.. have not pitch idea to the man and still toying with this idea.

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Take a Ferrari on a spin on the F1 track with your partner! Ultimate Drive can make for an exciting and unexpected date night.

Well, If you're in Singapore, it's not exactly the most exciting place to be in. But Comedy Nights in places such as Blu Jazz bar are a great if you like laughs.

We recently went Art Jamming at Arteastiq at Mandarin Gallery! It was lovely and we're planning to go again soon!