Formula stage 1 to stage 2

Is a must to change to stage 2 after 6 months? Cos my bb doesn’t seems to like the taste. Can I just remain at stage 1?

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Super Mum

Hi mama, Actually the stages of the formula exist because of the different nutritional needs of your growing baby. Scientifically, your baby’s needs have changed everyday since day 1 but since formula milk can’t do that, they change the milk composition every 6 months or so. That’s my opinion :)

Hi Mummy! It's important to introduce the appropriate formula milk for your baby at the right time. Try introducing the new formula gradually by substituting one feed of the new formula each day until all your baby's feeds are the new formula. Let us know if this works!

you need to proceed to stage 2 mommy kase may dagdag nutrients na yang inilagay sa stage 2 which is need sa body ni baby, kung ayaw niya po try other formula brand nalang mommy yung ma hiyang siya

Super Mum

Hi Mama, You can continue to give baby stage 1 while you slowly introduce stage 2. No need to rush the process as baby is still getting the nutrition he needs. Take your time!

Super Mum

It's totally fine to remain at stage 1 until 1 year old. You can read more here

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need not change at exactly the 6 mth mark but slowly transit to the next stage

Yes u can